_LOGICO Application Platform

The Logico application platform is a comprehensive solution for managing public transport operators. Due to its integrated architecture, it combines a number of applications integrated within one user interface.

The platform consists of such elements as e.g.:

  • proline
  • News Emission System_SON
  • Campaign Support System_SOK
  • Board Emission System_SEP
  • Image Transmission Systems_SOT
  • Systems Diagnostics _System DS
  • Service Support System _SOS
  • punctuality analysis system
  • black box

Each of the platform’s elements is a separate system, although using several at once brings about additional benefits. For instance, the punctuality analysis system combined with the black box enhances the information with the vehicle’s GPS location, and combined with the passenger counting system; it provides information on the number of people getting in and out at every stop.

The platform operates under the client-server regime, due to which it only requires a computed with a standard web browser to operate, and in some cases, components of the platform can be operated via a tablet or a cell phone.

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