The Proline application is involved in remote management over the Passenger Information System_SIP.  The dispatch (person operating the device) can easily and quickly enter current information (data) into the system; the data will automatically be downloaded and updated by vehicles included in the PROLINE application system.

The set of data required for the proper operation of the system includes: lines and variants, stops with defined posts, audio announcements, pictures of the stops’ surroundings.

With the Proline application, the user can perform remote updates in all vehicles, regarding:

  • timetables,
  • voice announcements,
  • picture cards (images of the stop’s surroundings),
  • GPS coordinates of stops.
  • Latest web browser (Internet Explorer 9.x, Chrome, Firefox 14.x),
  • enabled JavaScript support,
  • minimal screen resolution is 990px (horizontally).
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