Punctuality is a comprehensive application that allows tracing the work of drivers.

In line with its name, the major purpose for this application is to provide information on the travelling time
and the deviations from the scheduled duration of stops. This application allows for route verification of every vehicle included in the system. Punctuality provides an easy way to e.g. verify the legitimacy of passenger complaints about untimely rides. The entire material is summed up in legible reports and charts, which are ready to print directly from Punctuality.

Similar to other elements of the Logico platform, the Punctuality application operates under the client-server regime, and it only takes a computer with a web browser to use it.

  • Any web browser in the current version (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer),
  • screen with a resolution of at least 1024×768 (standard laptops) or higher,
  • Internet access (access to the server platform Logico).
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