Systems Diagnostics _System DS

Systems Diagnostics (System DS) is a centralized application monitoring the status of vehicles and their individual components. It allows the user to quickly find the vehicle on the map and determine the status of its devices and current route.

The application reports equipment failures clearly and allows browsing the operation history for the vehicle’s components, which greatly facilitates maintenance.

  • The DS application allows for tracing such information as:
  • vehicle location,
  • most recent activity,
  • line currently applied,
  • route,
  • previous and next stop,
  • status of all electronics operating in the vehicle.

The user-friendly interface provides easy to read information.

  • Any web browser in the current version (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer),
  • screen with a resolution of at least 1024×768 (standard laptops) or higher,
  • Internet access (access to the server platform Logico).
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