Traffic control

Traffic control is an application allowing for real time control over vehicles in traffic.

The application traces such parameters as:

  1. current location of all vehicles, selected groups of vehicles or vehicles traveling along a selected line
  2. the route of a selected vehicle over the past few hours
  3. progress of current objectives – delays, quicker traveling times in between stops
  4. location of a vehicle within its planned route

Moreover, the application cooperates with traffic controller – vehicle communication, allowing for the transfer of voice messages to all vehicles. The application also allows for transferring a message to a single vehicle or a selected group of vehicles. Communication is enabled through modern digital technology solutions.

The application cooperates with other elements of the Logico platform, combining e.g. vehicle tracing with detailed information of its parameters (System Diagnostics) and enabling real-time vehicle camera imaging (Image Transmission System).

Similarly to other elements of the Logico platform, the “Traffic Control” application operates within client-server architecture, thanks to which a simple computer with internet access is enough to use it.

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