Electronic Systems Service

The Service Department ad Novamedia innovision Sp. z o.o. is involved in complex support for the solutions and systems provided. Branches of our service are located in Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk. The strategic distribution of individual branches gives us an opportunity to react quickly in case of failure reports from customers.

Range of services

  • Service
    • warranty service and after-sale service for system elements
    • ability to carry out maintenance work on the vehicle
    • access to the client
    • reaction to failure reports within 24 hours
  • Installation
    • comprehensive installation and start-up of all elements of the Electronic Systems Platform in the vehicle
    • installation of electronic systems in both new and operated vehicles

The Headquarters of electronics services

The Headquarters of electronics services is located in Kalisz

Service branches:

  • Warsaw,
  • Łódź,
  • Wrocław,
  • Kraków,
  • Gdańsk.

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