Quality Policy

The source of Customer satisfaction is the product itself, which ultimately depends on the Customer – this is the motto we have adopted in our everyday activities:

  • creation of products and services based on reliable and ingeniously simple solutions
  • constant critical evaluation of our every product and service, in order to introduce a simpler, more reliable, advanced and cheaper solution
  • being the market leader in both new and previously used solutions
  • design and production of products based on proven components
  • closer cooperation with reliable suppliers, based on mutual benefits
  • developing and strengthening cooperation with the Customer, through the full implementation of their expectations

Every Novamedia associates has an impact on the quality of Novamedia products and services through their competence, everyday activities, and responsibility, thus forming an opinion of Novamedia. Due to the above, our activity is aimed at:

  • cooperating with people able to get 100% involved, who have the necessary knowledge, high practical skills, and the will to improve constantly
  • finding and supporting Novamedia leaders and their development within our organization

The Quality Policy we have expressed here is – right next to the Novamedia Mission and Values – the major guideline for everyday use in force at Novamedia, for NMI Board, NMI leaders, NMI chiefs, and all other NMI associates.

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