Ad Emission Systems _SER

Ad Emission System – it offers a new dimension of advertising, by emitting visual content via media installed inside public transport vehicles. The Novamedia Ad Emission System has the necessary elements to conduct successful advertising campaigns. Our offer includes a wide range of LCD media, adjusted to the Customer’s needs in terms of: size, components in use, or type of installation. The system is controlled by a central application called “SOK – Campaign Support System”, where we can: create campaigns, determine their duration, add promotional material. “SOK” allows transferring campaigns to all vehicles at once, or to a specific vehicle, and replaying them according to a preset playlist. Campaigns can be geotargeted, which allows for the emission of a specific ad in an area selected by the Customer, based on GPS data. The Ad Emission System can cooperate with the Passenger Information System. In this option, the LCD carrier is divided in two parts; one of them displays a Passenger Information Bar, while the remaining part of the screen shows advertising material.

The system is built on an Ethernet bus. Communication with the system is provided by wireless GPRS/WIFI connections.

The Novamedia Ad Emission System meets the standards: PN-EN 50121, PN-EN 50155, CE

  • Emission of promotional material inside the vehicle,
  • remote updates of promotional material,
  • support for positioning campaigns based on GPS location,
  • reports on the course of campaign.
LCD panels 22″ – 38″, podświetlanie w technologii LED
material displayed spots in AVI format
emission options support for positioning campaigns based on GPS location,
communication Ethernet bus
other emission reports

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