Image Recording Systems _SROB

Mobile Image Recording System offered by Novamedia innovision provides a full internal and external view of the monitored vehicle. The system uses modern vandal-resistant IP cameras, which transmit high-quality digital images to an industrial video recorder, where it is stored on hard drives. The entire system operates based on Ethernet buses, which allows for easy expansions with more components, and provides an easy way to diagnose and update the system’s software, also via wireless WLAN/GPRS connections. The entire system is centrally-controlled via a touchscreen terminal. The terminal provides the option to view all cameras at once, or one by one; it also allows for viewing the video material recorded. The Image Recording System enables access to the recorded video material via: a Wi-Fi connection, through USB to a mobile data carrier, or with the use of operator pockets intended for reading the recorder’s hard drive storage.

The Novamedia Image Recording System meets the standards: PN-EN 50121, PN-EN 50155, CE.

  • Digital recording and storage of video and audio,
  • recording image of the passenger compound and the vehicle’s outside zone,
  • recording material for a period of 30 days,
  • supports up to 26 IP cameras,
  • saves metadata within the recorded material,
  • view of the recorded material in real time,
  • on-line video transmission.


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