Passenger Information Systems _SIP

Passenger Information System – provides travelers with internal and external passenger information messages, transmitted in a clear way via a wide range of available media, connected with an audio system, also in the form of voice messages. LED boards and LCD carriers, used for the transfer of information, are made of cutting-edge components and with the use of the latest technologies available. In order to maximize the available installation space, they are available in various sizes.

The system is controlled via an LCD touchscreen terminal, or remotely with the use of wireless GPRS/WIFI connections. It can be diagnosed and updated remotely. The system has an intelligent interface, which uses GPS data to determine its position and inform the passengers of their course. The system also adjusts the passenger information displayed in internal and external carriers, in line with the vehicle’s position, which reduces the need for user interference with system controls.

The Novamedia Passenger Information System meets the standards: PN-EN 50121, PN-EN 50155, CE.

  • The internal part of the information presents such data as: current vehicle position against the city map, visualization of subsequent stops along the line, pictures of buildings located near the stop, and voice announcements,
  • the external part presents basic information about the line and announcements of the line’s direction
types of boards double-sided board – LCD screen and LED panel
external boards made in LED/SMD technology
internal boards made in LCD technology with LED illumination
LCD screen diagonal 22″-32″, 38″-43″
LCD screen proportions 4:3, 16:9, 16:8, 4:1
voice information automatic voice announcements

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