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After-sales service - NOVAMEDIA Innovision Sp. z o.o.


Project implementation and documentation.

Project implementation and documentation are the responsibility of the Project Manager The completion and preparation of the design and as-built project documentation. The installation and start-up of devices and communication buses on vehicles. The start-up and set-up of equipment applications with server applications built-in on the vehicles, the tests of functions and the preparation of handover solutions. Technical transfer of the functions of the received products. The preparation and implementation, in the solutions already delivered, of new or improved functions.

A list of responsibilities for employees from the Implementation section:

Project documentation

Project Documentation such as Technical Sheets, Schemes, Technical Drawings, User’s Guides... are available at this location of the website.

Using the Login Panel below, check if you have valid documentation for your NOVAMEDIA product.


If you do not have access, please submit your inquiry > click the Login Panel and send us your inquiry. Thank you!


Maintenance and Spare Parts.

The SRW Maintenance section consists of maintenance teams that operate simultaneously at the NOVAMEDIA Headquarters and at the site. SRW maintains the percentage efficiency of NOVAMEDIA solutions implemented for the Customer. On a regular basis it performs minor repairs and replaces damaged devices and components, conducts scheduled and preventive reviews, reports and agrees with the Customer on current operational activities. It supports and analyses the reported complaints.

Central SRW accepts and "settles" the Customer’s notifications of failures and reports from local Maintenance departments. It is responsible for the spare part storage policy. Performs repairs of devices requiring special facilities, equipment or lower level specialists.

The Local Maintenance Department maintains the percentage level of solutions delivered. It handles the reported failures. It performs minor repairs or replaces the equipment. It conducts scheduled and preventive inspections of devices and applications. It periodically notifies the Central SRW of tasks performed and of the monthly assessment of customer satisfaction.

A responsibilities list for employees from the Maintenance and Sales section:

Spare parts

NOVAMEDIA spare parts that have been contracted are available here

We are still working on ordering spare parts.

The planned launch of the spare parts platform: Q3 2018

Project Team and Shifts

Composition and contact details of the team during project implementation.

24/7 shifts during particular project phases.

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