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Extensive references - NOVAMEDIA Innovision Sp. z o.o.

Extensive references

We have implemented or still implement lots of projects for capitals all around the world.

Warsaw, Riga, São Paulo, Berlin.

Since starting up production in our new factory in 2013, we have manufactured and developed over 60,000 electronic devices and applications, and implemented them on vehicles in Poland and Europe.


We provide a wide range of services for public transport. We implement projects aimed at installing equipment and applications in vehicles, stops, depots and server rooms of public transport in Poland and beyond.


We are experienced in designing short and long batches of equipment – from several to hundreds of vehicles per project. We specialise in fitting the vehicles with Equipment Systems together with Applications, such as: Passenger Information Systems, Announcements, Advertising, Passenger Counting, Hot Spot, Monitoring, Intercom, Data and Voice Transmission, Diagnostics and Reporting, Vehicle Ethernet.


We meet the highest product and quality requirements, including of such customers as Deutsche Bahn AG.

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